Thank You

There were so many people who volunteered their time and efforts to making this project possible.  From every angle this really was a labour of love.

Special Thanks to

Pamela Wallin Productions
Jane Hawtin Live Productions Inc
Christmas Daddy’s, ATV Halifax
East/West Studios, Los Angeles
Crunch Recording Group, Toronto
Ferguson Music Productions, Dartmouth
St. Cecilia Studios, Halifax
The Sound Market, Halifax
Creighton Doane, Doane LeBlanc Inc.
The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
CBC Television Archives
The Monterey Pop Foundation
Public Archives of Nova Scotia
Research Video
The Arnold Family
The Doherty Family
The Featherstone Family
Richard Campbell
Charlie Corbett
Doug Kirby
Miriam Newhouse
Jessica Doherty Woods
Pat Lacroix
Patty LaCroix
Brenley MacEachern
Ed Gannon
Marilynn Richardson
David Weir
Michelle Phillips
Jim Pierson
Bones Howe
Lou Adler
Eddy Fischer
Allen Bergeron
James Anthony
Kenny Schultz
The Farrugia Family
Joe Butler
Peter Wildman
John Roby
Ashley MacIsaac
Mackenzie Phillips
Scott McKenzie
Barry McGuire
Lisa MacIsaac
Dennis Ryan
Pamela Wallin
Melanie Doane
Helen Taylor
Paula Wolfson
John Doherty
John York
Bijou Phillips
Tian DeSenta
Skip Beckwith
Doris Mason
Paul Shaffer
Gabreal Franklin
Ann Marshall
Owen Elliot-Kugell
Ferne Downey
Ronnie McCracken
Eleanore Lindo
Claire Marie Haley
Lindsay Wagner
Ted Dykstra
Andrew Cochran

In memory of G.R. Ledoux 1916 – 2009